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Why a Diet Plan is required in today's lifestyle?

*Optimal Health Management   

*Combatting Health issues   

*Energy and Performance   

*Weight Management

*Lifestyle Adjustment   

*Nutritional Guidance   


*Personalised Approach   

* Overall Wellbeing

Embrace a Healthier Lifestyle Today with the Best Dietitian in Pune!

One-stop solution for all diet and nutrition plans.

weight-loss-diet-plan by the bet dietitian in Pune- Truppti Bagri

12+ yrs of Formulating Weight Loss Management!

A renowned Dietitian and Nutritionist in Pune.

With an experience of over 12 years formulating weight loss diets, Truppti Bagri Nutrition has helped people of all ages, and from all walks of life, to get their health back on track. Having clientele spanning continents and an impeccable record is the result of our commitment to our work.

Truppti Bagri Nutrition specializes in diet plans that include but are not limited to, Weight Management, PCOS Diet, Menopausal, Diets for Diabetics, Lifestyle Diet and many more. Make sure to connect with us to begin your healthy eating journey.

What I Offer For Good Health?

No false promises. No tall claims. No gimmicky pitch. Custom Diet Plans for Healthy Living.

Nutrition & Diet

Custom Diet Plan for Healthy Living

Weight Management

Tailored Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Address Lifestyle Problems

Custom Diet Plans to help you control Acidity, Bloating etc


PCOS Diet Plan to take care of your Health

Health Products

Natural products for your Gut Health, Immunity & Skin Care

What People Are Saying

Our client testimonials who have enrolled for our weight loss diet, share their testimonials and feedback

I am very much thankful to you for your valuable guidance regarding my custom diet plan for weight loss. I have started your counseling in March end for 40 days plan and reviews in every 10 days. During this time I have reduced around 3 Kg weight.
Shirish M. Deshpande
I had lost 9kgs in less than 4 months! Consulting Trupti was of great help, as her tailored diet plan is easy to follow and I never felt that, I had to starve while I was following it. You are the best detitian in Pune I have ever met. Thank you!
Neha Sawant
Thank you Truppti Ma'am for your efforts and guidance given to us! We as parents, are extremely happy and overwhelmed by the tranformation seen in our son's health with her best diet plan for weight loss. My son has reduced 10 kgs in 3.5 months!
Veena Menon

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Why Truppti Bagri Nutrition?

custom diet plan- best dietitian in Pune

Custom Balanced Diet

nutritionist in baner

No Supplement Diet

best dietitian in pune aundh baner

Holistic Approach

nutritionist in aundh

Custom Diet Plan

Truppti Bagri Nutrition- Best Dietitian in Baner, Aundh - Pune

TBN Health by Truppti Bagri Nutrition

With an experience spanning over 12 years, Truppti Bagri Nutrition has launched its own health and skincare products. All the products are prepared using natural and premium ingredients.

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