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Weight loss and Weight Gain

Weight loss is not all about losing in kilos but it is more about a healthy relationship between body and the food. Starvation, Fad diets and taking extreme measures which can take a toll on your body are strictly a NO-NO. The weight loss program is about choosing a right diet plan as per your bodily nutritional requirement and your day to- day routine.

A weekly follow up ensures that you are on the track and the new diet plan every week breaks the monotony of eating the same kind of food. By adopting sensible eating habits and practicing portion control, you can eat nutritious food to satisfy the taste bud.


Diabetes Management

Your diet plays a very vital role when it comes to managing your diabetes.The food you eat affects your Blood Sugar Levels ( BSL) within few minutes.

Managing your BSL by eating at the specific intervals and eating Whole Foods rather than refined ones and choosing food items which has low glycemic index is very important in diabetes. Diet plan are customized after taking all these factors into consideration.


Menopause Management

Women at the age of 40 to 50 years, go through to the phase of menopause. The common problems faced during this phase are -

  • Weight gain
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Low bone strength
  • Hot flushes & mood swings

A diet which is planned to overcome these issue helps a lot in menopausal phase. Introducing foods which are high in Estrogen and which consists good amount of calcium are very important and helpful. A well balanced diet helps to keep a watch on the weight gained during this period.


PCOD & Hypothyroidism

PCOS / PCOD is one of the most common hormonal disorder seen in the females of the age group 18- 30 years. It affects the body in various ways. Major symptoms of PCOS are irregular periods, weight gain because of insulin resistance due to hormonal imbalance, excessive facial hair growth and ache.

Eliminating all the processed and refined foods and including more of Whole Foods. A PCOS diet should be such that it helps reduce weight and positively affects hormones and improves insulin resistance. A diet plan specially designed for PCOS should be moderate in complex carbs, high protein and fair intake of healthy fats.


Diets For Healthy Skin

You are what you eat' One of the neatest things about eating a healthy diet is your nails, hair and skin are often the first things to change for the better when your diet improves. Toxic overload, stress and poor diet all contributes to lackluster skin, dry and brittle hair and brittle nails.

Foods rich in vitamin E, C and K helps to restore the perfect balance for the glowing skin and long hair. Green smoothies which are high in iron and biotin helps to reduce the hair fall and are nutrient dense. A well planned diet which is very beneficial for the Bride - to be, helps to make them look and feel beautiful with the healthy glow on their D-day. Call now for your Pre-bridal health plan.


Managing Lactose And Gluten Intolerance

Food intolerance, also known as non-IgE mediated food hypersensitivity or non-allergic food hypersensitivity, refers to difficulty in digesting certain foods. It is important to note that food intolerance is different from food allergy. Food allergies trigger the immune system, while food intolerance does not.

Foods most commonly associated with food intolerance include dairy products, grains that contain gluten, and foods that cause intestinal gas buildup, such as beans and cabbage.

Some common types of food intolerance are:

  • Weight gain
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Low bone strength
  • Hot flushes & mood swings

Diets planned according to the intolerance of the patient not only reduces the symptoms of food intolerance but also helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.



With the constantly changing life styles and trends, it is vital to keep a check on your calorie count and eating habits. People are becoming conscious and mindful towards their health due to their sedentary lifestyles, high consumption of fast food and other food related health disorders at an all-time high.

This is where Truppti Bagri, a Nutrition Consultant in Pune brings in her expertise and consults an individual to maintain a right balance between food and good health With her passion and great will to serve people for living a balanced and healthy life.

Truppti Bargi pursued her diploma in Dietetic & Nutrition and certification in Sports Nutrition. Reshaping of diet plans with practical and easy methods according to one's life style is what sets this passionate Nutritionist apart.


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